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Marissa MayerJan 12, 2022 12:00:00 AM3 min read

How Mr. T Is Sharing the Love of Christ One Tweet at a Time

If you’re looking for an uplifting Twitter account to follow in a sea of crazy, look no further than Mr. T’s Twitter page.

That’s right, the actor and TV personality, who is perhaps best known for pitying the fools, is a longtime Christian who boldly uses the social media platform to spread the love of Christ.

On Monday, Mr. T tweeted about how it’s not always easy to stand for Jesus, especially in Hollywood, but that he is committed to putting his faith first.


“Like I said before, ‘I am a Christian who just happens to be an actor. I am not an Actor who happens to be a Christian.’ I am a Christian first! …” he tweeted. “When you stand Boldly on the word of God, a lot of people ain’t gonna like it nor like You, and that’s okay because I would rather please God than try to please man,” he continued, concluding his short Twitter thread with the hashtag #MondayVibes.

The 69-year-old currently has more than 300,000 followers on Twitter who are almost exclusively treated to Bible verse posts and powerful testimony about who God is and what He has done for us.

“I don’t just Want Jesus, I Need Jesus. Every Breath I Take, I can’t Live without Him! I told you I’m not Self-Made nor am I Self-Sufficient, I’m here because of God’s Grace and Mercy!” Mr. T tweeted on December 26 as a follow-up to his Christmas tweet quoting John 3:16.

The outspoken Christian is also very involved in missions and outreach, which was inspired by his time helping with Hurricane Katrina efforts in New Orleans back in 2005. The experience touched Mr. T so deeply that he continues to work raising awareness and funds for those who have suffered a result of other natural disasters, most recently the Kentucky tornadoes and Colorado wildfires.

“My Actions are my way of Thanking God for all of the Blessings He has bestowed upon me! Because, ‘The Blessed of us must try to save the less of us,’” he tweeted back in December after sharing that he would be praying for Kentucky tornado victims and donating to the American Red Cross Southern and Midwest Tornado Relief.

“I Prayed a Prayer, ‘Lord Bless me, so I can be a Blessing to Others, Amen.’” He continued. “As a Christian it’s our Calling!”

Mr. T continues to follow that calling in other ways too. When he competed on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2017, he did so to raise awareness about childhood cancer, a cause he feels very strongly about following his own battle with cancer in 1995.

“I’m dancing for the kids at St. Jude [Children’s Research Hospital] and Shriners [Hospitals for Children],” he told PEOPLE at the time.

Watch the video of him giving glory to God when discussing his cancer battle and as he describes his newfound purpose in Christ:


Photo Credit: MetaTube

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