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Pure Flix EditorsApr 30, 2021 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Watch 'War Room' and More This May on Pure Flix

Don't miss Pure Flix's exclusive movies coming in May 2021, including "Courting Mom and Dad" and "One Life At A Time."

Here are just some of the new movies coming to Pure Flix:

War Room

Watch "War Room" Trailer On Pure Flix

STARTING ON MAY 1 - From the creators of Fireproof and Courageous comes War Room, a compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that prayer can have on every area of our lives. Don't miss this Kendrick Brothers film starring award-winning actress Karen Abercrombie.

Watch the trailer for "War Room" on Pure Flix!

One Life At A time

Watch "One Life at a Time" Trailer On Pure Flix

NEW EXCLUSIVE STARING ON MAY 1 - A self-absorbed teen finds himself in trouble when he plays a video prank on a homeless man. His entitlement lifestyle becomes an illusion when he's sentenced to perform community service at a local homeless shelter. Favorite Dean Cain plays the antagonist as Carson's egocentric father.

Watch the trailer for "One Life At A Time" on Pure Flix!

Emerson Heights

Watch "Emerson Heights" trailer on Pure Flix

STARTING ON MAY 1 - When Los Angeles actor Cody McClain falls for New Yorker Briley Williams, they attempt to beat the odds of long-distance love. But, when he books the lead role in a blockbuster film, the distance may not be their biggest hurdle.

Watch the trailer for "Emerson Heights" right now on Pure Flix!

Courting Mom and Dad

Watch "Courting Mom and Dad" Trailer On Pure Flix

NEW EXCLUSIVE STARTING ON MAY 9 - When the Lamberts decide to divorce, their children embark on a comical and heartwarming quest to try and stop the separation, hiring an eccentric lawyer to help them save their family ... before it's too late. Scott Baio delivers laughs the whole family can enjoy in this heartwarming drama. 

Watch the trailer for "Courting Mom and Dad right now on Pure Flix!


Watch "Bella" Trailer On Pure Flix

STARTING ON MAY 1 - Nina and José are two employees of a New York restaurant, and both have broken souls. They spend one day together and are transformed by one simple gesture of kindness.

Watch the trailer for "Bella" right now on Pure Flix!

Lost Heart

Watch "Lost Heart" Trailer On Pure Flix

STARTING ON MAY 1 - Hannah, a burnt-out, mega-music star, returns to her small Northern Michigan hometown of Lost Heart, for her estranged father's funeral. There she will confront the ghosts of her past and perhaps find peace and balance once again.

Watch the trailer for "Lost Heart" right now on Pure Flix!

The Dark: Forever Winter

Watch "The Dark: Forever Winter" Trailer on Pure Flix

NEW EXCLUSIVE STARTING ON MAY 1 - It is the end of days, and the Forever Winter has begun. Surviving alone in the wilderness, 15-year-old Lizzy is a child hardened by her experiences in a world that is quickly going dark. Don't miss Pure Flix's End Times Movie Guide to watch more apocalyptic dramas.

Watch the trailer for "The Dark: Forever Winter" right now on Pure Flix.

Stay tuned for even more titles coming to Pure Flix in May, and stream thousands of faith and family-friendly movies that are available right now with a free trial.


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