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EditorsJul 13, 2015 12:00:00 AM1 min read

God Is Back On Campus ... At Least For Now

Imagine a college setting where God is not only not welcomed, but He is banned. Sounds like the plot for an incredible move, doesn’t it?

Amazingly, during the school year that followed the release of God’s Not Dead in theaters, the California State University system of public universities “derecognized” 23 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapters on 19 campuses.

The reason? InterVarsity requires its leaders sign a statement of faith, which CSU determined was discriminatory.

Welcome to 21st Century America.

However, we do have some good news: the ban has been lifted for the upcoming school year. InterVarsity will once again be recognized at the CSU campuses. According to a press relase from InterVarsity:

“InterVarsity’s 23 chapters on 19 of the California State University (CSU) campuses will once again be recognized student groups. ...

“In a time where much of the public discourse is polarized, InterVarsity and CSU remained engaged, honest, and respectful throughout the negotiations," (InterVarsity president Jim) Lundgren added. "While we are grateful to have resolved the issue with CSU, InterVarsity continues to believe that all-comers policies will result in the exclusion, rather than inclusion, of diverse students from campus.”

Please pray for ministries like InterVarsity who are representing Christ on the frontlines of our culture .

Read the full press release here

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