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Prayer In The Bible

By turning to the Bible, we can learn the purpose of prayer and understand why it is vital to our daily lives. Prayer allows a direct connection to God. In the Bible, even Jesus prays to God, showing us how much Christ, too, relied on His relationship with Our Father.

Daily Prayers

Daily prayer and devotion are a great way to start your day. Prayer helps us focus on all that God has provided for us. Through daily prayer, we begin each new day with a grateful and open heart to God’s word.

Prayers for Strength & Protection

It’s natural to want to protect our family, friends and loved ones from any and every evil in the world. With these prayers for protection, we can have a sense of comfort in knowing that God is listening and shielding us from whatever our loved ones encounter in the world.  Prayers for spiritual warfare are weapons in that battle and will cover us in God’s protection against the enemy.

Prayers To The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit lives in the heart of all Christians and is God’s guide and counselor for believers. In order to be guided by the Holy Spirit, we need to become intune to His voice. These prayers to the Holy Spirit are a starting point in your relationship with God.