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Billy HallowellDec 23, 2020 12:00:00 AM5 min read

7 Parenting Tips for Building a Biblical Worldview in an Age of Mass Media

It is often difficult to build a solid biblical worldview for our kids in the midst of a chaotic mass media, especially when it comes to the current state of entertainment. But if you're looking to build a Christian worldview for your children, I've put together a list of tips to help you navigate modern media and entertainment.

First, let's explore how to define your worldview, and how to help your children do the same, then we can dive into some of the most specific tips surrounding our children:

Make Your Worldview Clear

First and foremost: When we talk about building biblical worldview, we must first remember the importance of telling — and more importantly showing — our own Christian worldview to our children.


While I'm not trying to oversimplify this first tip, sometimes the most important elements can be overlooked. When our kids see us walking the talk, that's when we make the biggest impact. So, as you consider how to define your worldview, rely in authentic conversations with your kids. Look for simple ways to have daily discussions about faith, God's love and your own journey.

But authenticity is essential, as our kids look to us to see examples for how to live and behave. If we aren't living our our biblical worldview, it becomes difficult to instill the same Christian worldview in our children. So, be sure you're living out your faith, and find ways to regularly communicate it with your children.

Biblical Worldview

Set a Daily Bible Study

When it comes to instilling a Christian worldview, Bible engagement is key. This is why it's essential to set aside time each day to read scripture and explain Bible stories with your kids. After all, a biblical worldview is best built by engaging scriptures, and doing it in a consistent way.

Over time, these stories will deeply resonate with your kids. This is the same principle when it comes to discovering how to define your worldview. So, in addition to setting up a daily Bible study with your kids to help their faith, be sure to explore scripture each morning as you build up your own biblical worldview.

The stronger your worldview is, the better you'll be able to equip your kids!

Connect Kids With Positive Entertainment

Another key component to creating a Christian worldview is connecting our kids with positive and uplifting entertainment — movies and TV shows that help create a Christian worldview.


When you consider the impact that entertainment has on kids, it becomes easy to understand why building a biblical worldview depends, in part, on the types of shows and movies we show our kids. Pure Flix is an amazing way to help bring this content to our children, as there are many shows and movies for kids. Here are just a few:

"VeggieTales: The Star of Christmas": This Christian Christmas movie is a popular title from "VeggieTales!" It's 1880's London, and Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps (Bob and Larry) are putting together the finishing touches on their first Christmas musical the "Princess and the Plumber." Watch "VeggieTales: The Star of Christmas" trailer right now on Pure Flix! Watch with a free trial!

Veggie Tales


Consider Kids Devotionals

In addition to Bible reading, consider powerful kids devotions, as these tools can also help instill a Christian worldview in our children. There are plenty of books on the market, but there are also some free resources for helping kids build a biblical worldview.

Consider Pure Flix's "VeggieTales: Family Discussion Guide," which allows you to explore the valuable lessons "VeggieTales" teaches. Plus, there's a “Friends and Heroes: Family Devotion” as well as a "31-day Sea Kids Devotional." Find other free Christian resources for kids — and if you're looking for content surrounding how to define your worldview as a parent, check out these great resources.

Rely on Prayer

Biblical Worldview Pure Flix Prayer

Another essential way to build a solid biblical worldview in your children is to rely on inspiring daily prayers. Prayer is an essential element of faith — and one that is too often overlooked. Prayer isn't intended to be a quick, routine element of praise that is scripted and disconnected.

Instead, prayer is meant to be a heartfelt component of a relationship with Jesus. As you build a Christian worldview in your own life and with your children, ensure that prayer is an essential component. Start and end the day with prayers with your children, and be sure to remember to include gratitude and pleas for healing and help.

Prayer changes things — but we can't teach that to our kids as part of a biblical worldview unless we're actively showing prayer in our own lives, and leading our kids to do the same. See some of our inspiring daily prayer guides.


Show Acts of Compassion

James delivers a powerful reality in James 2:26 (NIV) when he proclaims: "As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead" (read the entire chapter on Biblica). This scripture reminds us that our biblical worldview can't just be theoretical. We are called to help others and to show acts of compassion.

So, one way to instill a Christian worldview in our kids is to encourage them to show love to others — especially those in need. As you explore how to define your worldview and how to guide your family, consider finding ways to give back and to show acts of compassion and love.

From serving at soup kitchens to encouraging your kids to give, there are many ways to show love, kindness and compassion to other people in need. This is what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and it is one example of how we can set an actionable Christian example for our children.

Teach Simple Acts of Kindness

In addition to donations and volunteering, also help instill a biblical worldview by teaching your kids acts of kindness. These simple gestures surround being kind to others, loving others and looking for ways to inspire people. This is more about words and deeds. Help instill a Christian worldview by teaching simple goodness and kindness.

That wraps our list of ways you can build a biblical worldview with your kids and family! If you want a free Pure Flix trial to grab thousands of Christian and family-friendly movies, you can grab one here.


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