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Oct 1, 2023 12:00:00 AM

Apocalypse Movies: 5 Revelation-Themed Films You Can Stream Right Now

Movies about the end of days and apocalypse movies generally feature fascinating storylines centered on hypothetical situations surrounding eschatological (end times) scriptures.

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The Bible is filled with prophecies that speak about events that have yet to come to fruition, and various movies about Revelation and TV shows about the apocalypse offer a lens into their meaning. To learn more about apocalyptic christian movies available on Great American Pure Flix, download our end-times movie guide.

Let's explore some apocalypse movies you can stream right now on Great American Pure Flix

Apocalypse Movies: Movies About Revelation 

Looking for apocalypse movies that explore the end of days? Well, you're in luck! Great American Pure Flix has a variety of movies about Revelation and apocalyptic movies that are now streaming. Let's explore!

Left Behind Trilogy

kirk cameron left behind

There are three total films in the apocalyptic "Left Behind" movie series starring Kirk Cameron. Here's the synopsis: After learning that millions have completely vanished, an airline pilot, his daughter, and others work together to unravel the mystery of those left behind. Brad Johnson plays airline pilot Rayford Steele and Kirk Cameron plays reporter Buck Williams, who learns that Nicolae Carpathia is the Anti-Christ.

Watch the first in the "Left Behind" series movies right now.


Movies About Revelations: "The Moment After"

The Moment After on Pure Flix

"The Moment After" is one of the movies about Revelation worth streaming. In the twinkling of an eye, a mass disappearance of the human race has occurred. The FBI is called in to investigate and locate those missing. As Agents Adam Riley and Charles Baker search for the truth, a government conspiracy is uncovered in this disaster movie.

Stream "The Moment After" now available on Great American Pure Flix.

"The Moment After 2: The Awakening"

"The Moment After 2: The Awakening" on Pure Flix

This apocalyptic film is a sequal to "The Moment After." Former FBI agent Adam Riley reunites with his friend and mentor Jacob Krause, leader of The Way, and his small remnant of the Christians of the human race. Little do they know of the forces that are out for their destruction.

Watch "The Moment After 2" right now on Great American Pure Flix.

Apocalypse Movies: "Jerusalem Countdown"

Jerusalem Countdown

This is one of those "24"-like disaster movies that you don't want to miss! Amidst terror and the fight for peace, agent Shane Daughtry teams up with a CIA agent to stop an apocalyptic plot that will detonate nuclear bombs on American soil. The movie is based on the best-selling novel by John Hagee and stars David A.R. White.

Watch "Jerusalem Countdown" on Great American Pure Flix.

Revelation Road Series

revelation-road the beginning of the end

Another series of apocalyptic movies that you can currently stream on Great American Pure Flix is the "Revelation Road" series starring David A.R. White. The first disaster movie in the series is "The Beginning of the End." Here's the synopsis: Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, a salesman struggles to make it home during the aftermath of the Rapture.

Stream the apocalyptic films "Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End," "Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire" and "Revelation Road 3: Black Rider" right here on Great American Pure Flix.

End of Days TV Show: 'The Dark'

The Dark on Pure Flix

"The Dark" offers a fictional portrayal of what the end times might look like. A description reads, "It's the Seventh Year of the Tribulation. The world is in ruins. Christianity has all but disappeared, except for small bands of believers, hiding, surviving, and waiting for the Second Coming."

Watch the trailer for "The Dark" right now on Great American Pure Flix.

We hope you enjoy these powerful apocalypse movies. Watch more movies about the end times by downloading our end times movie guide.


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