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Billy HallowellJan 8, 2020 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Keep Waiting for God': Adoptive Parents Receive Amazing Surprise

Adoption can be a complicated journey filled with many ups and downs, but families like the Baumans find peace in the Lord in the midst of these challenges and victories.

Matt and Cassie Bauman, like many others who pursue adoption, felt called by God to embark on a path toward growing their family.

But that doesn't mean the journey to adopt baby Evelyn has been an easy one.

The husband and wife recently revealed the details of their process during an interview with, explaining that their quest to bring an adopted baby into their home was driven by seeing firsthand how much poverty and need exists in the world today.

"I had served in India for two months and just seeing ... children who had so much need, who really didn't have anything — I felt like adoption was a great way to help children who didn't have a mom or a dad and didn't have some of the things we take for granted here," Matt said of his reasons for wanting to adopt a child.

Watch Matt and Cassie share their adoption story — and see the big surprise delivered to the couple:

Throughout the couple's relationship, Cassie said adoption was something they repeatedly felt called to explore. And the journey has certainly been a harrowing one, with the couple clinging to their faith along the way.

"We just feel ... that God is continually laying on our heart that he wants us to be [adoptive] parents," she said. "When you search the word and pray and go to church and worship [God] always brings little reminders that He's faithful ... He's got the plan, not you."

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Matt and Cassie explored at least 70 birth mothers' cases and said yes to 42 before finally finding baby Evelyn. The process took a long time, was filled with disappointments and was without a doubt challenging, but the Baumans persisted.

"We had to stay hopeful and keep waiting for God," Matt said.

Funding an adoption was, of course, another issue they faced. For those who don’t know, adoption can be an expensive process, sometimes exceeding $30,000 — or more.

The Bauman family turned to Adopt Together, a crowdfunding platform that helps families raise resources to complete the adoption process. And now is also part of the Bauman family’s journey. 

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Thanks to YOU — the family — we’ve been able to help them in their fundraising journey towards their goal. 

Thank you for helping the Bauman's complete this process! Looking to do more good? Find out more about's incredible mission here.


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