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A Better Option: Children’s Christian Movies

Parents who choose Christian entertainment are protecting the minds and hearts of their little ones. As parents, one task God gives us is to nurture the innocence of our children and protect them from some of the negativity of the world. Quality Christian children’s movies and TV shows can help parents with this mission. The wrong entertainment teaches aggression, rebellion, and impulsive behavior, but the reverse is also true. The right entertainment encourages good behavior, strength of character, and better decision making.

Characters in Christian children’s movies model positive behaviors like courage, responsibility, compassion, and integrity. When you look through the options on for children, you’ll find heroes and heroines to entertain and inspire while giving parents a starting point for character-building conversations. Young children see a hero behave in ways that are unselfish and brave, and they naturally want to do the same. Parents can point out everyday opportunities for demonstrating those character traits.

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Why Choose Christian Children’s Movies?

Children’s entertainment, like what’s available on, bring the Bible to life for young minds. Parents can read with their children about David and Goliath, Noah, and the life of Jesus, talk about the lessons each character demonstrates, then watch the character come to life on screen.

Another reason to offer clean content to your children is as a balance to the negative images and stories that are so prevalent in mainstream media outlets. In 1972, the Surgeon General’s Office announced the link between the exposure of children to violence on television and aggressive behavior. For at least that long, there’s been proof that what kids watch shapes their behavior patterns, opinions, attitudes, and values. The wrong entertainment teaches aggression, rebellion, and impulsive behavior, but the reverse is also true – positive entertainment choices are just as impactful. As parents, it’s our calling to offer an answer to what we see in traditional TV and in movies.

Entertainment Choices Affect How the Brain Works

A recent UNICEF study investigated how experiences shape the brain’s development in children. Since young brains are still developing, the programs they watch actually manipulate how certain connections are made. Since much of the brain is formed based on repetition, like when children hear their name over and over, their brain develops a connection for how they should respond. Similarly, if a child sees repeated images of violence, sensuality, or rebellion, the brain connects to them.. They consequently now become a part of how the child’s brain is composed.

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Movies Can Shape Young Minds

When parents choose something for their children to watch, they don’t always understand the power it has. Movies can:

  •  Make you feel sad or afraid.
  •  Create laughter and put you in a better mood.
  •  Boost your adrenaline.
  •  Teach through repetitive ideas or images.

Films can have you sitting on the edge of your seat, feeling nervous and exhausted. Scary movies cause a spike in adrenaline that lasts for hours after the movie ends. It’s more than just images – our brains react to sounds and music, too. Over time, you respond without thinking to sounds like the creak of a door or a child laughing.

We may believe our reactions to these films are temporary emotions, but little minds can be forever impacted. As parents, we can teach them positive ideas with strong Christian messages or what the negativity the world offers.  

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Even Children’s Shows Should Be Screened

With this in mind, know that even what is offered as “children’s movies” can be counter to Christian ideals. Cartoons have been around since the beginning of film entertainment, and many offer clean fun for everyone in the family. Because of this, some parents believe they must be safe for all ages. Some cartoons are excellent choices for positive entertainment, but they are not created equal.

Many cartoons make violence seem benign. Cartoon characters may act violent toward each other for the sake of comedy. Women are often drawn wearing revealing clothes that cause little girls to develop an unhealthy body image. Parents should carefully evaluate the images and messages, even in cartoons.

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