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Billy HallowellSep 30, 2019 12:00:00 AM3 min read

8 TV Shows and Movies Now Streaming on

Fall has arrived, and we’ve got you covered with some amazing movies and TV shows that are now streaming on!

From fun films like “Treasure Hounds” to TV series like “The Dream Hotel,” there’s no shortage of entertainment to stream right now. So, hop on the couch with some popcorn, turn on your TV or fire up your tablet and get ready to check out one of these shows and movies today:

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“The Dream Motel”

The Dream Hotel | Pure Flix

Guests at The Dream Motel find themselves face-to-face with their past, their future, and their present. All things are possible for the guests of The Dream Motel.

Watch the trailer for “The Dream Motel” here.


Scion | Pure Flix

A mysterious stranger offers a teen the chance at her dream life. Instead, she wakes in a nightmare where no one recognizes her and she's a wanted criminal on the run. Her only ally is an estranged childhood friend. They must stay ahead of the police and find the elusive stranger in order to return home, all while discovering what true identity is.

Watch the trailer for “Scion” here.

“The Christ Slayer”

The Christ Slayer | Pure Flix

“The Christ Slayer” follows the Passover story of Jesus from a unique viewpoint, as we follow the actions and interactions of Longinus, the Roman soldier who put the spear to Jesus’ side on the cross.

Watch the trailer for “The Christ Slayer” here.

“The Least of These”

The Least of These | Pure Flix

Rose, a homeless single mother, and her young daughter Katy discover hope in a small-town diner. They are befriended by a feisty waitress, a big hearted short-order cook and a storefront Santa — it’s a film that serves a valuable lesson about forgiveness. 

This magical Christmas, it's the smallest one that teaches the greatest lesson we could ever hope to learn — opening our hearts to the power of forgiveness . . . of others and ourselves. Watch the trailer for “The Least of These” here.

“Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front”

Molly An American Girl | Pure Flix

Molly is a girl living in the year 1944 and WWII has brought many changes to Molly's life. An English girl comes to live with Molly's family to escape the bombings. They slowly become good friends. 

Watch the trailer for “Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front” here.

“Not Cinderella's Type”

Not Cinderella's Type | Pure Flix

Indy lives with her aunt and uncle and believes her life is fine until an accident brings a new guy into her life. Bryant Bailey is not Indy's type — she's never been into guys like him. But then again, she's never really known anyone so stubborn and caring that can also help her discover who she is and what she's worth. A modern telling of Cinderella, based on the novel by Jenni James.

Watch the trailer for “Not Cinderella’s Type” here.

“Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin”

Gateway to Hope | Pure Flix

With heartbreaking and inspiring commentary from former addicts, public officials, paramedics, pharmacists, and rehabilitation officials, “Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin” will provide insight on those struggling with addiction and real hope to break the addiction through Christ.

Watch the trailer for “Gateway to Hope” here.

“Treasure Hounds”

Treasure Hounds | Pure Flix

Moving into his late grandfather's house, a clever tween inherits the old man's dog, Skipper (Norm MacDonald) who can talk! The sassy pooch leads the kid and his friends to a priceless treasure hidden nearby.

Watch the trailer for “Treasure Hounds” here (film comes to in late October).

In addition to these powerful and entertaining films and shows, you can watch thousands of other inspirational movies, TV series and documentaries by taking advantage of your free, one-month subscription. You’ll have access to thousands of kid and family-friendly pieces of content — fun for the whole family.


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