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4 Ways Morning Prayer Will Change Your Life

Whether you’re a morning person or need a little extra motivation to start your Mondays, setting aside time for prayer can significantly improve your day. Make God part of your morning routine and start the day off on the right track. Taking just a few minutes to talk to God before you get out of bed can give you the mindset, strength, and fortitude to deal with the day’s challenges. Here are four ways morning prayer can change your life:

1. Start Your Day Off Right Through God

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Making time for prayer in the mornings can be a powerful way to start your day off with God. You can refresh your mind and spirit just as your night of rest refreshed your body. Reciting your favorite prayer or saying a few personal words to God in the morning can help you prepare for the day ahead. Daily responsibilities suddenly won’t seem so daunting when you have the Spirit of God with you from the get-go.

2. Go Through Your Day with Awareness

Some days you might feel like your purpose gets lost. Doing a daily devotional in the morning time is a great way to incorporate the Word of God into a busy schedule and define your intentions for the rest of the day. Follow a devotional plan or join a group that can help you feel excited and hopeful about the day ahead, not anxious or depressed. A devotional can give you a sense of awareness during the day, and something to look forward to tomorrow morning.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Take some quiet time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the home or office and say a prayer. Eliminating the distractions around you will ensure that you can focus your mind on a thoughtful meditation. It doesn’t have to be long to be effective. Before you open your eyes, simply breathe and spend a moment with God. Think about your hopes for the day instead of your chores and tasks. Ask God to guide your steps through church meetings, conversations with friends, and everything else you’ll take on today. Start every day with a clear head, a bright mind and God’s help.

4. Develop Your Faith Every Day

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As an adult, the craziness of life can sometimes interfere with your faith. You may have to miss church services or events because of work or other responsibilities. Instead of feeling guilty, challenge yourself to find creative ways to develop your faith on your own time. Keep God as a top priority by waking up early to read the Bible, listening to a faith-based audiobook on your way to work, or streaming a Christian movie while you are preparing breakfast.

Make Your Morning Prayers Even More Powerful

Supplement your daily prayer with resources from Pure Flix that teach the Fruit of the Spirit. Find tips on how to transform your life with the nine gifts the Bible mentions in Galatians: love, peace, joy, kindness, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. Help establish a habit of morning prayer for days filled with positivity, happiness, and the Word of God.