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Justina MillerMay 18, 2016 12:00:00 AM3 min read

4 Reasons Why Your Life Matters to God

“There's something special about you. I can see it. You have a gift. And you have to decide what you have to do with it.” Hank, Woodlawn.

In a world with 7 billion other human beings, it’s tempting to feel insignificant every now and then. We find ourselves wondering, do the things I do matter? If I were not here, couldn’t somebody else fill my shoes, perhaps even better than me? What will my legacy be?

The Pure Flix Entertainment film, “Woodlawn," touches on the question of being significant. Set in 1970’s Birmingham, “Woodlawn” is the true story of a newly desegregated football team, forced to get along after years of prejudice. Through the preaching of a sports minister, Hank, the team experiences a revival which dismantles hostility among the players, and eventually among the school and the city of Birmingham.

The Power of Letting God Work in You

One of Woodlawn High’s most talented and first black football players is sophomore Tony Nathan. When Hank tells Tony that God wants him to be a superstar, Tony responds, “There’s no such thing as a black superstar. Not in this state.” However, Hank’s words are soon proved right, as Tony’s talent puts him in a position to break prejudices, inspire others by his great faith, and go on to play for Alabama and the Miami Dolphins.

Of course, not everyone’s story will be made into a box office film, but what’s really most impressive about Tony Nathan is something we can all emulate. Tony Nathan allowed God to use him for the greater good, and in offering up his talent, he played a significant role in breaking prejudice and inspiring others to Christ.

Tony Nathan allowing God to use him for the greater good in Woodlawn. | Pure Flix

Points to Remember When Feeling Insignificant

So, when you’re feeling like no more than a spec on the globe, know that God wants to use you too for his purposes, so keep the following in your heart:

You Possess Talents. We all have something in us and about us that God wants to use for the greater good. Perhaps you feel you don’t have talents, because you don’t have a specific skill, such as sports or music. However, talents come in many different forms. For example, having joy, making others laugh, and living with a spirit of gratitude are all talents. Anything that God can work to spread his love is a talent.

We all have something in us and about us that God wants to use for the greater good. | Pure Flix exclusive Woodlawn

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You Were Made By God Himself. Everything God does, he does with purpose. He is not nonsensical, and he doesn’t make mistakes. Therefore, you were totally planned and meant to be. As Jeremiah 1:5 says, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Though you may possibly never know why in this lifetime, there is a specific and even beautiful purpose for you being alive.

Nobody Else Could Fill Your Shoes. Though we were all made in the image of God, we are each unique and unrepeatable. In this uniqueness, we portray an image of God that nobody else portrays. Think of it like a mosaic made of glass. God is the mosaic, and we are all tiny pieces of glass. Without one piece of glass, there is a missing piece. Therefore, without you, the world would miss out on the portrayal or image of God that you have been called to share.  

You are Unique.

In this very moment, where you are sitting right now, nobody has ever lived it. The combination of you, your genes, your thoughts, every moment that has led up until now has created a unique you. And that you, living in this moment is 100% unique. What will you do with your one-and-only you that God has created to bring love to the world. Only you can fulfill it, nobody else can. Will you?

While it can be beneficial to evaluate ourselves, and wonder if we are living to our full potential, we can’t fall into the lie that our full potential is not enough. The truth is that your life has been willed, designed, and crafted by the creator, who in his wisdom has ordered all things- including you - sweetly. (Wisdom 1:8)

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Justina Miller

Justina Miller grew up as a full time musician in a band with her sister. At eighteen she took her creativity to a University setting where she studied poetry at George Mason University and Oxford University in England. After college, Justina worked in campus ministry leadership with FOCUS at Vanderbilt University. There, she mentored students while fundraising her entire salary.

Justina went on to volunteer at an orphanage in India, and came back to the states to run conferences for FOCUS. In 2012, she returned to her musical roots to perform in DC as a jazz singer and maintained freelance writing gigs for columns, copywriting, screenplays, and ghostwriting for a major publication.

Recently, Justina has settled in New York City where she performs in local venues, continues to freelance, and runs crowdfunding, email marketing, and social media management for the Chiaroscuro Foundation.