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Jan 16, 2024 8:55:49 AM

Winter Activities That Will Engage & Inspire Your Kids

It’s the middle of January, and winter is in full effect. It’s the time of year when we all dread looking at the forecast as we wish for warmer weather. While winter days usually mean more time spent indoors, it doesn’t have to mean hours of boredom!

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Here’s a list of fun winter activities for kids that will keep them entertained and busy during the blustery days of snow and ice. 

Watch Family Friendly Snowy Movies

Of course this is our first suggestion on this list! Great American Pure Flix has an abundance of winter-themed movies that are great for the entire family. We have movies that kids of all ages (and their parents!) will love as you keep your kids entertained during those winter storms!

Our movies are also a great winter activity for the whole family. And hot cocoa and popcorn is the best way to watch these movies on those cold winter days! 

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Make a Snowman

We may be taking a leaf from Mary’s book (in “Snowmance”), but there’s no better winter activity than building a snowman! We can guarantee it won’t come to life like Mary’s, but it will keep your kids entertained and your kids will love bringing him to life! 

Be sure to find buttons for his eyes and mouth, a carrot for his nose, sticks for his arms, and other fun accessories, like a hat or a scarf to give him a little personality! Want more inspiration? Watch “Snowmance” on Great American Pure Flix.


Find Winter Star Constellations

This educational activity will not only be fun,  it will also remind you of the beauty and wonder of God’s creation! Discover specific constellations that are best seen between December and March, grab your binoculars or a telescope, and start stargazing! Bundle up really well or try to see the stars from the comfort of your warm home!

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Snowed in with school canceled? One way to keep your kids busy on blustery winter days is by creating a scavenger hunt for them in the house! Here’s a printable indoor scavenger hunt that’s the perfect activity to keep your kids entertained and help them be creative!

DIY Winter Birding Crafts

Maybe you like watching birds, like Sara enjoys in “The Girl Who Believed in Miracles,” and would love to attract more birds to your yard! Here’s some DIY winter birding crafts you can make with your kids so that they can also enjoy watching the birds. And who doesn’t love a good homemade craft?


Paint the Snow

You may be wondering, is this real? It definitely is! This is the perfect winter activity for kids of any age, because everyone loves painting. You don’t need many materials for this activity—just food coloring, warm water, and winter clothes of course! Check out this article to learn more about how to paint the snow.

Maybe your little ones will be inspired to create a whole snow exhibit—one that museum curator Claire from “Stepping into Love” would be proud to display!

Shovel Someone’s Sidewalk or Driveway

If your kids are older and you’re comfortable with them being outside in icy conditions, suggest that they check if any of your neighbors need their driveway or sidewalk shoveled. What a great way to help someone on cold winter days, and there are neighbors who need help when there’s snow and ice. Plus, it’s a chance to honor the Second Commandment of loving your neighbor!

Volunteer at a Non-Profit

Another way to love your neighbor? Many shelters and nonprofit organizations need help, especially during those cold winter days. This is the perfect time of year to help them out by volunteering. Be like Liv in “Divine Influencer” and find a rescue mission in your area that needs extra sets of hands. Or be like Mandy from “A Christmas Blessing” and volunteer at a food bank or make dinner at a soup kitchen. 

Share Words of Kindness

In these dark and short winter days, we could all use a pick-me-up. Spreading kindness in their small town is something Delainey and Loren focus on in “An Angelic Christmas.” Following their example, we can spread kindness by starting a note-hanging tree filled with notes of encouragement and inspiration for neighbors to take or using an A-frame signage board at the end of your driveway to share encouraging quotes. 

However you and your family decide to spread kindness, your kids will love being able to help your community and share God’s love.

We hope you’re able to find something fun for the whole family on these cold, winter days. For more inspiration, subscribe to the Great American Pure Flix Insider email newsletter.


Marissa Zimmet

I was born and raised just across the bay from Tampa, Florida (Go, Lightning!) and attended college at ECU in Greenville, North Carolina. I am a devout Catholic and am active in my parish in Charlotte, North Carolina. Outside of work, I love to run, hike, watch movies and hockey, and spend time with my dog, Rose, and my cat, Toasty, who are both rescues.