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Billy HallowellNov 24, 2020 12:00:00 AM2 min read

The Miraculous Events That Unfolded on the Set of The Bible Series

The Bible series is one of Hollywood's most celebrated and fascinating explorations of scripture, with the popular series taking viewers deep into scripture. The dramatic show promises to "breathe fresh visual life" into scripture.

But what some might not know about The Bible series is that there were a series of miracles and intriguing events that unfolded on-set — events that made their way into the press at the pinnacle of the series' monumental TV success.


The Bible Series: Crucifixion Scene

One of the most compelling stories told by producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey — who also portrays Jesus' mother, Mary, in The Bible series — involves the crucifixion scene.

Downey and Burnett have recalled the interesting events that unfolded when they filmed the crucifixion scene in The Bible series, noting that it was one of the most difficult portions of the series to film due to the potential dangers involved in the general setup.

But then something else happened. The producers hired a snake wrangler to help clear out the set each day, as serpents would occasionally slither on. The Daily Mail has more:

The production had hired a 'snake wrangler' to keep the set free of dangerous reptiles, and he usually found one or two snakes per day.

But on the day the crucifixion was filmed, according to Mr Burnett, the handler found an unprecedented 48 venomous snakes crawling around the mountain.

And that wasn't the only strange happening on set of The Bible series.

The Bible Series Pure Flix

The Baptism Scene in The Bible Series

Another event surrounded the scene that retold Jesus' baptism, as a piece of the costume for actor Diogo Morgado (who played Christ) went missing — and was mysteriously returned.

“We had hundreds of craftsmen working [on making costumes], and the most important costume was Jesus’ costume. Every time, at the end of the day, the costume’s got to be taken away to be maintained," Burnett told Entertainment Weekly. "So when we were doing the baptism scenes, it’s completely immersed in water. During it, a portion of the costume came away."

The producer said his team felt they would never recover the costume piece, as they were filming in a large reservoir in the desert. In addition to believing they'd never locate it, getting a new piece to replace it was near-impossible.

But then something unexpected happened a few days later.

"Four days later, a kid showed up from many, many, many miles away, who had been seeking us through the desert to return this to us," Burnett explained. "He didn’t know what it was why he should seek us, but he felt he had to return it."


There were other events as well that captured attention surrounding The Bible series. Are you interested in diving deep into the Bible?

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