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Pure Flix StaffAug 1, 2020 12:00:00 AM2 min read

VeggieTales: 5 Lessons from Junior Asparagus

The well-loved VeggieTales character, Junior Asparagus, is a boy, or an asparagus rather, of about 5 years old. And like any 5-year-old, Junior Asparagus goes through the typical life situations of playing with his friends and spending time with his loving parents. Most episodes Junior Asparagus learns some sort of lesson, and through each lesson, Junior Asparagus and the viewer learn that God is with them in all life’s challenges. Here are just some lessons your child will learn after spending a little time watching Junior Asparagus.

1. God is bigger than the boogeyman.

In "Where's God When I'm S-scared?" Junior Asparagus watches a scary movie and is too afraid to go to sleep at night. Through an encounter with Bob, Larry and Frankencelery, Junior learns that he can trust God to take care of him when he's afraid.

2. Love your enemies.

This is a hard lesson for children (and adults) of any age to learn. When Junior Asparagus is bullied in "God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?!" he can't imagine that God would want him to forgive the Grape family for making fun of him. He learns that forgiveness is the best choice in God's eyes, whether they stop making fun of him or not.

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3. Stand up for what you believe.

As "Shack," the VeggieTales iteration of Meshach, Junior Asparagus learns that standing up for what he believes is always the right thing to do. He also discovers that God will protect him from harm, even when he and his buddies refuse to bow down to a giant chocolate bunny made by his boss Nebby K. Nezzer.

Junior Asparagus VeggieTales on Pure Flix

4. A little fib can become a huge lie.

In "Larry-Boy and the Fib From Outer Space," Junior Asparagus tells a "fib" about who broke Dad's favorite bowling plate. He learns that lies can have big consequences when his fib becomes a creature that grows with each new lie. This episode is a great model for parents wondering how to handle their own little one’s occasional fib.

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5. Be content with what you have.

Junior Asparagus demonstrates this lesson in "Madame Blueberry" as he watches her succumb to "stuffitis" when a new Stuff-Mart opens up in her neighborhood. In a role reversal that is seen in several VeggieTales episodes, Madame Blueberry learns to be content partly from watching Junior and his dad be happy with what they have - each other and a new rubber ball, rather than an expensive train set his dad can't afford.

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