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Sarah HartlandMay 8, 2018 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Tear-Jerker: Shocked Couple Receives Life-Changing Gift

Adoption is one of the most beautiful ways to make a difference — but it’s also one of the most expensive. So, when given the opportunity to share their story, Sarah and Sutton McKee of Los Angeles were more than ready to talk about the joys and struggles of the adoption process. What they didn’t know when they sat down for the discussion, though, was that they were in for a major surprise…

Watch the couple’s total shock when they received a surprise, life-changing gift:

Thanks to the family, the McKees, who have been fundraising online to help pay for their adoption, are now very close to their final goal. Your support means that they can focus on bringing baby McKee home — and continue their quest of helping other families through AdoptTogether, a crowdfunding platform that helps families raise resources to complete the adoption process.

As high school sweethearts, adoption was one of the first things the McKees agreed about. Sarah recalls:

“I remember being in second grade, and a family in our neighborhood had adopted their oldest son. I remember in that moment thinking, ‘I want to do that one day, I’m going to give kids a home that don’t have one.’”

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After hearing about AdoptTogether at her church, the McKees started tithing each month to help families using the site to fundraise. Together, they picked random families to donate to, giving back even before they started their own adoption journey.

Group Picture

Then, on a trip to India in 2017, Sutton worked in a girls’ orphanage as a videographer — a truly profound experience. He told Pure Flix:

“I pretty much instantly knew I was there for a greater reason.”

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Adoption is a long, costly journey that no couple can do alone. The McKees knew that the Adopt Together community was the perfect place to start. You can donate to the McKees’ fundraiser and look for other awesome families to support at Learn more about the other ways your membership helps us give back here, and if you’re not a member yet, be sure to sign up for your one-month free trial so you don’t miss great stories like these!

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Know a family that is on an adoption journey? We want to hear their story! Leave us a comment and be sure to let them know how AdoptTogether can help them along the way.


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