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Marissa ZimmetJan 5, 2024 12:45:00 AM

Here's Everything You Need to Know Before Watching Season 2 of 'Going Home'

The beloved original series Going Home is back for its second season exclusively on Great American Pure Flix! To get you ready for the first episode of Season 2, which airs this Friday, January 5, we wanted to get you caught up on all the major things you’ll need to know. By the way, each new episode of Going Home releases on Fridays from January 5 through February 9.

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Season 1 Recap

If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend watching all six episodes of the first season of Going Home before diving into the second. There are some storylines that you’ll need to know from the first season to better follow along this season.

In Season 1, we met Charley, a veteran hospice nurse who, following a brief stint as an ER nurse, discovers that hospice care is her calling. Charley is currently training Janey, a new nurse who is excited to jump into the world of hospice care at Sunset House.


Through trial and error (and a lot of patience), Charley helps Janey understand how Sunset House provides their patients with everything they need to be comfortable as they finish their life journeys and cross to the other side. Sunset House helps their patients make peace and walk home without any regrets or loose ends in their lives.

Charley quickly has to face her past when one of her old friends unexpectedly contacts her about being admitted into Sunset House. She reconnects with Cat and her entire family, including Cat’s husband and their two children. Charley helps the family make peace with losing Cat and makes up for lost time with Cat herself.

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That’s not the only part of Charley’s past that we learn about. Charley admits that there’s one regret she still holds on to from her time as an ER nurse, where she made a mistake she hasn’t forgiven herself for. This piece of Charley’s life becomes an important element of the second season. (We’re not giving away any spoilers!)

Who’s Who in 'Going Home'

As a refresher, we’re going to highlight some key characters from Going Home that you’ll see again in Season 2.

Charley Copeland


An award-winning hospice nurse at Sunset House, Charley is hard-working, focused, and attentive to her job. She’s known to not let her personal life get in the way of—or mixed up with—providing care for her patients. Charley doesn’t like to be playful or silly in her workplace, choosing to be professional around her patients.

Charley recognizes that each person admitted to Sunset House deserves to walk home with dignity, peace, and acceptance. She knows each person is deserving of God’s love and knows how to share God’s love with her patients. Charley prays each night after work on her porch, talking to God honestly and lovingly as she sips on her nightly cup of tea.

Janey Richards


Janey is a young nurse who just started at Sunset House when we meet her in the first season. Janey learns what it takes to be a good hospice nurse from Charley, while adding her own flare to the job. Being technologically savvy, she shows Charley and Scott, their boss, social media and computer skills.

At the beginning, Janey isn’t sure how well she’ll do as a hospice nurse. But as she begins to flourish under Charley’s guidance, she realizes this is what she’s meant to. Janey brings vibrance and peppiness to the Sunset House staff.

Alec Sumner


Alec is Cat’s husband and longtime friend of Charley’s. In the first season, Alec leans on Charley to help him process the fact that he’s losing his wife. He also looks to Charley to help him know how he should support his children during that time, who are losing their mother. Charley and Alec reminisce about old times when the three of them were friends.



Tamara is another hospice nurse at the Sunset House, who works alongside Charley and Janey. In the first season, Tamara helps Janey understand the type of nurse Charley is. Without giving away any spoilers, Tamara becomes a larger part of the story in the second season. You’ll have to watch in order to find out how.

Looking Ahead to Season 2

You’ll have lots to look forward to in Season 2. Charley confronts her past, Janey finds a love interest, and Tamara faces personal struggles. Charley struggles to balance both life and work, while Janey helps Sunset House gain awareness via social media. All along, you’ll meet vibrant, new patients from all walks of life that impact the staff as well as receive reconciliation while at Sunset House.

The first episode of Season 2 of Going Home drops January 5, with each subsequent new episode airing every Friday. Catch up with the nurses at Sunset House by watching all of Season 1 right now!


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