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EditorsSep 18, 2020 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Need Some Homeschool Help? to the Rescue

The decision to homeschool has never been an easy one for parents to make and in the new world of COVID-19, it’s become an increasingly common discussion and consideration. One of the main stumbling blocks for parents at the start of their families homeschool journey is where can they turn for homeschool help.

Educators in the public and private sector receive ongoing training relevant to their grade level and subject matter. Most of the time, their administration provides them with curriculum, educational supplies and testing material. While education is a challenge no matter what your position, homeschooling parents often have less support and fewer resources. Pure Flix offers homeschool help for those who need it most.


Homeschool Help Pure Flix

Parents who homeschool are continually searching for resources that make learning come alive. While they can demonstrate many foundation-level math concepts and literacy skills developed through reading, science and history concepts are varied and complex.

Pure Flix offers parents resources that help them illustrate hard-to-explain concepts like food chains, interdependence, and symbiosis. Instead of constantly trying to create lessons from scratch, parents find homeschool help using what’s already available.

For example, metamorphosis is a long word that often intimidates young learners. Parents can stream “Metamorphosis: The Design and Beauty of Butterflies” on any device to introduce the butterfly life cycle. Follow-up might include a print lesson on the topic followed by building a hands-on model with clay.

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Pure Flix delivers learning right to your inbox. Find recommendations for every subject and ideas for supplementing your curriculum when you subscribe to Pure Flix’s email list. Along with links to educational films, you’ll also receive tips for sharpening language arts skills, planning a family night to experience history concepts, and additional homeschooling resources.


Homeschool Help Pure Flix

E-learning provider Shift published the following statistics on the power of visuals in learning:

  • Sixty-five percent of individuals learn visually.
  • Text presented with visual is comprehended with 83 percent more effectiveness than text alone.
  • Visuals help us process messages faster, with the eye processing 36,000 messages every hour.
  • The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Visuals increase comprehension by 400 percent.

There’s a lot of material to pack into a school day. Parents who homeschool know it takes not just masterful teaching, but repetition to make knowledge become permanent. Visuals help students find patterns and relationships so they can migrate learning to long-term memory. Video is one of the best ways to provide video and audio to best meet the needs of your children.


When you homeschool, you’re “on” all the time. Every bit of instruction comes from you. When they’re working, you’re the one who monitors and corrects. When they’re hungry, you can’t send them to the cafeteria, and when they’re restless, you don’t get recess.

Pure Flix helps parents make learning fun and lets them enjoy it along with their students. Instead of laboring to deliver content, you can sit back and watch them experience wonder for the first time as they view the pyramids of Egypt or explore the wildlife kingdom.

When parents need homeschool help, it’s easy to find. Access any subject at any time with an entire library of homeschool curriculum free to watch anywhere when you subscribe to Pure Flix today.