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Jun 27, 2024 8:52:00 AM

Best Summer Ever: Enjoy Family Movie Nights with these Great American Pure Flix Favorites

Summer movie nights are a cherished tradition, bringing families together to enjoy the warm evenings under the stars or in the cozy comfort of their homes. To help you make the most of these magical moments, we've curated a list of family movies perfect for summer viewing right here on Great American Pure Flix.

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These films span a variety of genres, from animated adventures and heartwarming tales to laugh-out-loud comedies and thrilling escapades. Each selection promises to captivate audiences of all ages, offering a mix that is sure to create unforgettable memories. So grab some popcorn, gather your loved ones, and get ready to embark on cinematic journeys that will make your summer nights truly special.

Family Movie Nights: Perfect Summer Movies

Dinosaur Cove

dinosaur cove family movies pure flix

This family adventure is centered around a young boy, Riley Harrison, who stumbles across a top-secret project in the small town of Dinosaur Cove.

Disbelief and being skeptical is a major theme in the family adventure movie “Dinosaur Cove.” Riley and his father, Wyatt, move to Dinosaur Cove following the death of his mother. Together they struggle to move forward with their lives. But Riley accidentally discovers real-life dinosaurs on the small island and gets more than he bargained for while trying to save dinosaur eggs. When his father doesn't believe him, Wyatt learns that he should have trusted his son.

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tulsa family movie night pure flix

Inspired by true events, a desperate Marine biker's life is turned upside-down when he is united with the sassy 9-year-old daughter he never knew existed.

If you were to sum up the entirety of the Bible and faith in God, you could say it’s about second chances. Tulsa, a young foster child, has been moved from one home to the next, but Tulsa’s faith in God (and humanity) remains strong. When her latest placement fails, her caseworker has no choice but to bring Tulsa to the home of Tommy – a struggling alcoholic and addict who Tulsa claims is her father. Tulsa’s faith and determination opened an opportunity for Tommy to obtain a second chance at life, love, faith and in business.

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Mr. Manhattan

mr manhattan

After Mason Bradly, an ambitious Manhattan attorney, accepts guardianship of his young niece and nephew and moves them into his not-so-kid-friendly loft apartment, chaos quickly ensues and a series of unfortunate events leads Mason to desperately seek out help. But much to the dismay of his uptown girlfriend, help arrives in the form of his ex-fiancée and the kids’ honorary ‘aunt’, Dani. Her presence will bring peace, comfort, and encouragement. Mason will then be forced to reevaluate his priorities, lost love, and faith.

“Mr. Manhattan,” starring real-life couple Carlos and Alexa PenaVega, is perfect for your next family movie night. You’ll laugh together, potentially shed a few tears, and be encouraged to trust God’s plan for your life.

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Courting Mom and Dad

courting mom and dad family movies pure flix

When siblings Isabel, Andrew and Ruby Lambert find out that their parents, Brent and Sarah, are planning to divorce, they employ the help of an eccentric personal injury attorney in a last-ditch effort to save the marriage.

The first lesson we can take away from “Courting Mom and Dad” is that families should be praying for one another — husbands for wives, wives for husbands, parents for children — and children for parents. Life can get so busy and complex that we move God out of the center and put success, career and other things of lesser value in His place. Brent's unfortunate habit of not putting family first has a negative impact on his wife and family. Brent's priorities are all out of order, and we see his wife reacting to that reality.

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Beyond the Mask

beyond the mask pure flix family movies

A former British mercenary discovers the power of forgiveness as he becomes the man he was always meant to be.

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of forgetting — or of wrongly assuming that the mistakes
we’ve made have somehow separated us from God’s love. We see these struggles unfold in “Beyond the Mask,” as William Reynolds attempts to change his ways after meeting Charlotte Holloway, a woman with whom he falls in love. The entire story focuses on William’s quest to create an honorable reputation and to leave behind his checkered past. His ability to change
his heart and his life leaves us all with an important reminder: that we, too, can change — and that God is always there with open arms waiting for us to come to Him.

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Sweet Inspirations

sweet inspirations pure flix family movie night

Four middle-aged ladies discover purpose when they launch a unique fundraising effort to save a local women's shelter from imminent foreclosure, testing the limits of their friendship and themselves.

There are two key reminders at the core of “Sweet Inspirations”: that God can ease our fears, and that we are called to carry out God’s love in the kind deeds we do. While life can sometimes throw us lemons — situations that seem difficult or insurmountable — we should never give up hope. With God, anything is possible. That's an important lesson we see play out in “Sweet Inspirations,” as we watch the women discover purpose in their effort to save a women's shelter from closing.

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hoovey basketball family movie

When promising high school basketball player Eric “Hoovey” Elliott collapses on the court, doctors discover a life-threatening brain tumor. Hoovey will survive the high-risk surgery, but at what cost?

Based on a true story, Hoovey's determination to get back onto the court requires him to have faith through his pain and suffering. His courage and bravery are what help not only him get through his trials and tribulations, but help his family through the ordeal as well.

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Back of the Net

back of the net soccer and science family movie

After a transportation mistake, a science fanatic must complete a semester at a soccer academy while making friends, avoiding bullies, and learning a new sport.

When Cory first arrives to soccer camp, she feels completely lost and alone. She doesn't believe she can fit in or be herself around everyone who has very different interests than her. God created us as unique and unrepeatable. Cory learns that she can help her teammates by using her unique set of skills, truly allowing her God-given talents to shine, just like we're called to do with our own God-given gifts.

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23 Blast


When a high school football star is stricken with irreversible blindness, he must decide whether to live a safe life or bravely return to the life he once knew and the sport he still loves.

The Bible says nothing is impossible for God. And we are called to know and have faith in that truth.

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That concludes our list of the best family movies for your next family movie night with Great American Pure Flix. Not a member? Sign up for a free 7-day trial now.


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