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Billy HallowellJun 5, 2020 12:00:00 AM3 min read

5 Viral Moments That Will Inspire You

With stories, images and videos often highlighting violence and chaos, it's easy to lose perspective. But when we look a bit deeper, we can almost always find some powerful glimmers of hope in the mix of negative news and views.


And when you look at the current events surrounding police and protestors, there have actually been some notable moments of love and care unfolding in cities across America.

So, let's just explore a few of these transformational interactions and positive stories:

Protestors Protect a Cop

A viral moment recently showed protestors protecting a police officer after he was reportedly separated from his unit. According to the Daily Mail, protestors created a "human barricade" to offer the officer protection — a show of love in the midst of turmoil.

Officers Take a Knee

In contrast to the clashes unfolding between cops and protestors in some areas, we've seen some police go out of their way to show solidarity with protestors. The Charlotte Observer has more:

There have been moments of solidarity amid the chaos, images and video shared by police departments show. In Fayetteville, where [George] Floyd was born, a video viewed thousands of times on social media shows more than 60 officers kneeling before protesters during a demonstration Monday, McClatchy News reported.

People Rally for Hurting Business Owner

Violence has led to many business owners sustaining damages to their facilities or, in some cases, losing everything. This was the case for Korboi Balla, owner of Scores Sports Bar in Minneapolis.

According to Faithwire, he spent his life savings building the bar, but riots led to its destruction right before his very eyes. But the story wasn't over there.

The community and nation rallied and kind people raised over $1.1 million to help him rebuild. Here's a screenshot from GoFundMe:

gofundme-sceen-shot-800px x 450px

It's a truly powerful story of kindness and coming together to help fellow man!

Police Pray With Protestors

The Metro Nashville Police Department shared yet another powerful moment when Officer Garren Hoskins stopped to pray with a protestor. 


"In the midst of Sat's confrontation between protestors & officers at the Central Precinct, Officer Garren Hoskins and the protestor in front of him began talking about their shared Christian faith," the Metro Nashville Police Department tweeted. "Hoskins asked the man to join him in prayer. He put his sign down. They prayed."

A photo captured the incredible moment:

If you want more background on the encounter, you can watch Officer Hoskins explain:


Conversations Are Happening

Some videos are showing cops and protestors having candid conversations as well.

In one exchange, an officer is seen explaining why he's a cop, noting that he wants to help people and that he fully supports the protestors who are making their voices heard.

He said dialogue is one way to help make progress:

And these stories only scratch the surface. Let's all keep our eyes open for other similar stories — and be sure to drop links to inspiring stories in the comments section.

Want more inspiration? Check out these prayers you can say for America and others right now – and read some powerful Bible verses to help fight fear. Plus, you can stream thousands of faith and family-friendly movies and TV shows here.


Billy Hallowell

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