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EditorsAug 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM2 min read

4 Myths About Christian TV Shows, Debunked

If you’re frustrated and disappointed with current “family-friendly” TV, you are not alone. Between the show content and the cringe-worthy commercials (“Ahh! Close your eyes, kids!”), many families have considered switching to streaming services to find wholesome options safe for the entire family. Some hesitate to divert from mainstream TV, though, fearing a downgrade in their viewing options. To clear up some common misconceptions, let’s debunk these 5 myths about Christian TV shows.

Sean Astin and Family | Pure Flix

Myth #1: Christian TV shows only feature obscure actors I’ve never heard of

Families aren’t the only people looking for clean shows. Many well known actors and entertainers share the same desire. Christian TV shows and movies often feature these longtime favorite actors and entertainers (like David A.R. White, Burt Reynolds, Morgan Fairchild, Sinbad -- the list goes on) trying to create the kind of clean shows folks want. Beyond the actors you already know, these shows are sure to introduce you to new favorites as well.

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Myth #2: Christian TV shows are always serious

Some believe Christian TV shows are always serious, heavy, or deep. If true, that’s a big bummer when you want to just sit back and enjoy a lighthearted TV night with the family. Thankfully, Christian TV shows aren’t always serious -- unless you include seriously funny. Take “Hitting the Breaks,” for example. This original sitcom is full of silly antics, hysterical family dynamics, and feel-good laughs. Rest assured: clean comedy abounds.

Hitting the Breaks Poster | Pure Flix

Myth #3: Christian TV shows skirt around real life issues

On the flip side of myth #2, we find our third myth. Rather than always addressing serious issues, some believe Christian TV shows avoid mature issues altogether. Not so. Some Christian TV shows and movies address mature themes like marriage, mental health, overcoming addiction, repentance, forgiveness, and more. For these, often includes extra resources, like topic lists and discussion guides that help prompt rich conversation for those wanting to dig deeper.

Myth #4:  Christian TV shows are hard to find

If you’re viewing mainstream TV, this one may be true. And, sadly, even if you manage to find a “safe” TV show, every mom knows a common horror. You place your child in front of something “safe,” only to find them viewing a terrible (or terrifying) commercial. That’s why services like are changing the game. With thousands of titles to choose from, faith-based content is readily available -- commercial free. Here’s a list of 5 Christian TV shows that are sure to become favorites.

Ready to take the plunge? Watch our newest favorite, original, “Hitting the Breaks,” now!