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About Pure Flix

What We Do

Pure Flix takes great care in reviewing and selecting content so members can rest assured that it is free of violence, sex, and language surprises. Series and movies with mature themes will always have applicable cautions and parental controls to give you confidence in what streams on your screen. We are intentional with expanding the variety of our content and there is always something for everyone: Romance, adventure, series for kids, and movies for the whole family.

Our licensing team sifts through thousands of hours of movie and TV content so members don’t have to. Every title on the Pure Flix platform is given a detailed minute-by-minute review so members can confidently stream clean, every hour of the day and with every member of the family.

Pure Flix is the leading faith and family-friendly streaming video-on-demand service. With thousands of God-honoring and inspiring movies and shows, you can Have Faith In Your Entertainment again.


Pure Flix was founded in 2005 by Michael Scott, David A.R. White, and Russell Wolfe. The company initially started as a film studio behind breakout theatrical hits like God’s Not Dead, The Case for Christ, and Do You Believe? but launched its streaming platform in 2014. In late 2020, Pure Flix the streaming service became part of AFFIRM Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, with a mission to bring God-honoring stories to a new generation through inspiring and faith-affirming TV shows, movies and original series.

Pure Flix is constantly finding new entertainment choices and is actively working on original series and movies – like “Sons of Thunder” Season 2 and “Finding Love In Quarantine: The Movie.”
The Pure Flix Community comprises our Pure Flix Insider blog, Pure Flix Podcast, and varied social media channels. Our members are allowed to engage and be engaged and encourage and be encouraged in a uniquely edifying way. The Pure Flix Insider and Pure Flix Podcast offer a glimpse into where faith and Hollywood intersect and provide real-life examples of God working in our lives. Together, the Insider and Podcast are the No. 1 place for faith and entertainment news that our members care about.

Our Spokespeople

  • Billy Hallowell

    billy_hallowellThrough journalism, media, public speaking appearances, Billy Hallowell has worked as a journalist and commentator for more than 20 years. He has been featured in political and cultural books, textbooks, articles, and on radio and TV shows that focus on faith, culture, politics, and current events.

    Hallowell is the director of communications and content for Pure Flix, the former senior editor at, and the former faith and culture editor at TheBlaze. He is also the author of four books.

  • Michael Scott

    michael_scottMichael co-founded Pure flix with David A.R. White and Russell Wolfe. As managing partner and CEO of Pure Flix, Michael Scott has produced more than 40 movies worldwide and has helped the company become the largest faith and family movie production and distributor in the world.

  • David A. R. White

    david_ar_whiteDavid co-founded Pure Flix with Michael Scott and Russell Wolfe.  David’s passion has always been to further the Christian faith-based genre with excellence in every way. To date, David has starred in close to 20 feature-length films, which have entertained unprecedented success worldwide.

  • Shari Rigby

    shari_rigbyActress, speaker, director, and writer. Shari has starred in “Overcomer,” “Extraordinary,” “October Baby” and other faith-filled favorites. She co-wrote her autobiography “Beautifully Flawed” and her directorial debut was a trailer for the book. She is the founder of “The Women In My World,” a women’s group focusing on identity, purpose, ministry, and serving others. She has a passion to tell stories that inspire and motivate people into action.