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Living a Good Christian Lifestyle


A Christian lifestyle means living a life of sacrifice, constantly growing and offering your life back to God, trusting in His plan for your life and following His will. A good Christian is trying to live a lifestyle that will ultimately allow them entry to heaven. 

They pray to God for guidance throughout every stage of their life - from how to raise their children, to marriage, to job decisions and more. The Christian lifestyle makes sure we’re living according to God’s Word. 


Spiritual Growth

In order to grow in our faith, the Christian lifestyle requires us to spend time working and growing our relationship with God. Thankfully, there are so many ways we can grow and continue to live a Christian life with God.


Being a follower of Jesus Christ is a choice we must make daily. Every morning we can choose to listen to God’s voice, listen to the Holy Spirit and live like Jesus. A true Christian shares their faith in their day to day life, all for the glory of His kingdom.

Marriage and Life

Marriage and family are influential pieces to the Christian lifestyle. Our relationship with God asks us to treat everyone as our brother and sister in Christ, meaning that they are all also part of our family. It’s important that we act as an united family in living a Christian life. 


Marriage is a sacred vocation in the church. There are many Biblical roots and examples of marriage that Christians can use to mirror in their day to day lives


Raising children in this day and age can be difficult. It's important to teach our children the foundations of our Christian faith so that they can grow their own relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Living With Faith in a Modern World

With so many temptations and false information all around us, it can be difficult to navigate living the Christian life and staying focused on our end goal: being united with God in heaven.


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