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Billy HallowellJan 11, 2023 12:00:00 AM4 min read

Movies and TV Shows About Angels, Demons & Faith Worth Streaming

Do angels and demons exist? The Bible makes it more than clear that these spiritual entities do, indeed, exist, though there are many theological debates about the form they take, what power they have in our physical world — and how each came into existence.

So, what can we know about angels in the Bible, demons in the Bible, spiritual warfare and other related topics? It’s important to discuss the real-life, biblical implications surrounding the spiritual matters we observe in scripture.


That’s why we’ve put together a brief list of movies and TV shows about angels in the Bible, demons in the Bible, spiritual warfare and other topics that are currently streaming on Pure Flix.

movies & tv shows about angels & demons

tv shows about angels & demons: the advocate

the advocate tv shows about angels and demons pure flix 800px 450px

This TV series about angels and demons, "The Advocate," is inspired by true events. After a near death experience, a child protective investigator gains extraordinary Holy Spirit gifts, teaming up with detectives to protect and rescue those most vulnerable.

Stream the Pure Flix Exclusive series about angels and demons, "The Advocate," now available.

pure flix original series about angels: SAved by Grace


There are no chance meetings or coincidences in life. Angels are amongst us and God has sent them on a mission to intercede on behalf of whispered prayers. Every encounter presents a new opportunity to change your approach to life. This wonderful TV series about angels and demons illustrates themes of divine intervention and how good forces are working against the evil in this world.

Watch the Pure Flix Original series, "Saved by Grace," now available on Pure Flix.


pure flix original movie about angels: an unlikely angel

an unlikely angel movies about angels pure flix blog 800px 450px

Janie, a workaholic, is falling apart at the thought of becoming a first-time mom. She whispers a small prayer for help and it’s answered in a very unlikely way when an angel intervenes and fast forwards her life. Janie is lucky enough to be given a second chance, but will she change before it’s too late?

Stream the Pure Flix Originals movie, "An Unlikely Angel," now on Pure Flix.

Movies about angels and demons: Let there be Light

let there be light pure flix blog 800px 450px

The world's greatest atheist has a near-death experience that challenges his views and forces him to reconcile what he witnessed with his firmly-held beliefs about God. Wrestling with his own demons, Dr. Sol Harkens, played by Kevin Sorbo, this is one of the movies about angels and demons that will renew your hope in our God.

Stream "Let There Be Light" now on Pure Flix.

Angels In Disguise

Angels in Disguise on Pure Flix

Are there angels living among us? This series offers a collection of stories about people's very real encounters with angels on Earth. It may be your first time witnessing angels — but is it your last? If you're curious about angels in the Bible, these stories will resonate. 

Watch “Angels in Disguiseright now on Pure Flix.


Spiritual Warfare: 'Fringe Pop 321'

Fringe Pop on Pure Flix

While this title isn’t specifically about angels or demons, it causes you to think deeper about the fact that “What you know may not be so!” Do you simply deny everything weird and refuse to listen to documented instances of the truth? Or do you believe every bizarre thing you hear without investigation?

Join Dr. Michael S. Heiser and learn how to think well about all things fringe. The truth is in here!

Watch “Fringe Pop 321” right now on Pure Flix.

tv shows about angels and demons: highway to heaven

highway to heaven tv shows about angels and demons pure flix 800px 450px

The original "Highway to Heaven" TV series about angels and demons stars Johnathan Smith, a probational angel sent back to Earth and teams up with an ex-cop to help people in need.

Watch “Highway to Heaven" the series now on Pure Flix.

Movies about Angels: Highway to Heaven (2021)

highway to heaven pure flix blog 800px 450px

Angela the angel takes on the role of a temporary school counselor. Working alongside junior high school principal Bruce Banks, she intervenes in the life of a troubled student Cody Grier who is struggling with the tragic loss of his mother.

This movie about angels is a must-watch! Stream "Highway to Heaven" now available on Pure Flix.

And if you’re looking to build up your faith walk a bit more, consider diving into the multitude of sermon and ministry content available for streaming right now on Pure Flix. You’ll find inspirational messages and theological discussions from well-known preachers.

Connect more deeply with your faith today, and also enjoy thousands of entertaining movies and TV shows on Pure Flix with your free trial! Start streaming today.


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