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  • Familyaffair ca   copy (2) 158x219 821067331728
    Icomoon tv Series

    Family Affair

    25 min

    Bill Davis is ambivalent about taking on the responsibility of raising his niece Buffy after the death of his b... MORE

  • Christmasreunion ca 158x219 821068355701

    The Christmas Reunion


    The mid-west town of Walden is preparing for its annual Christmas festival, when festivities are disrupted by a... MORE

  • Dick van dyke fan favorites 273x378 ca 158x219 821074499627
    Icomoon tv Series

    Dick Van Dyke Fan Favorites

    25 min

    Comedy writer Rob Petrie talks his wife Laura into leaving their "sick" son Ritchie with a babysitter while the... MORE

  • Yumshow  522269
    Icomoon tv Series


    23 min

    Chef Dwane cooks with beef. Guest John Brooks. MORE

  • Classicsmeetcorliss ca 158x219 821142595591

    Meet Corliss Archer: The Christmas Story

    26 min

    Corliss Archer and her goofy steady Dexter resolve to make gifts for everyone, as Mr. and Mrs. Archer take char... MORE

  • Christmasdollar ca 158x219 821012035928

    Christmas for a Dollar


    America is in the midst of the Depression, and the Kamp family is struggling to get by, especially after Mrs. K... MORE

  • Decision ca 158x219 821021763966



    A family in despair rediscovers its faith in this uplifting drama. MORE

  • Christmasmiracle ca 158x219 822403651636

    Christmas Miracle


    The beloved "Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade, presents the heartwarming drama Christmas Miracle. Due to unfore... MORE

  • Achristmassnow ca 158x219 822401603923

    A Christmas Snow


    Stuck inside her home during a blizzard, a bitter restaurateur (Catherine Mary Stewart) learns about the true m... MORE

  • Godscountry feature ca 158x219 821024323578

    God's Country


    A fish-out-of-water tale of spiritual transformation. MORE

  • Radicalmakeovers 1 ca 158x219 821125187637
    Icomoon tv Series

    Radical Makeovers

    28 min

    Produced and filmed by freelance artist Rebecca Friedlander, 30 young women from around the world share persona... MORE

  • Lamp ca 158x219 821009987706

    The Lamp


    A couple's marriage has fallen apart after the death of their son, until a mysterious stranger presents them wi... MORE

  • Sportsstars ca   copy 158x219 821069379718
    Icomoon tv Series

    Sports Stars of Tomorrow

    21 min

    We visit baseball power IMG Academy in Florida and also look at possible first round draft pick Jason Groome fr... MORE

  • Thetrial ca 158x219 820559939801

    The Trial

    1:40 | pg-13

    A grieving small town attorney finds his life transformed when he is assigned to a capital punishment case. MORE

  • Thelist ca 158x219 821069891944

    The List

    1:47 | pg

    A lawyer is shaken by news of his father's death and his will which references "The Covenant List of South Caro... MORE

  • Lifeoftheworld ca 158x219 821023299647
    Icomoon tv Series

    For the Life of the World: Letters to the Exiles

    20 min

    How do our every day lives impact our communities? Comical actor-writer Evan Koons joins Stephen Grabill, Amy S... MORE

  • Petticoat ca   copy (2) 158x219 821025859825
    Icomoon tv Series

    Petticoat Junction

    25 min

    The C&FW Railroad's trouble-shooter Homer Bedloe comes to Hooterville to find out why their branch isn't connec... MORE

  • Povertycure ca 158x219 821025347794
    Icomoon tv Series

    Poverty Cure

    25 min

    Charity that Hurts [25:25] - This episode explores examples how even the best of intentions can bring more harm... MORE

  • Laststraw ca 158x219 821069891750

    The Last Straw


    Christmas is supposed to be a season of love, warm feelings, and happy hearts. MORE

  • Endofspear ca 158x219 821068867895

    End of the Spear

    1:51 | pg

    Based on the true accounts of five missionaries speared to death by a stone-age tribe, the film weaves together... MORE

  • Divinewill ca 158x219 821129283959

    Divine Will


    Life in Punkyville, Kentucky has always been a bit unconventional. When Will Blessing arrives, things really ge... MORE

  • Motherinlaw ca   copy (2) 158x219 821023299874
    Icomoon tv Series

    The Mothers-in-Law

    25 min

    The bickering Hubbards and Buells are stunned when their kids return from a night out announcing they’re engage... MORE

  • Classicswagontrain ca 158x219 821139523803
    Icomoon tv Series

    Classic Wagon Train

    49 min

    Duke comes across Malachi Hobart, a preacher who has dedicated his life to his fellow man, and comes away impre... MORE

  • Wordlight cover 158x219 821071427804
    Icomoon tv Series

    Word Made Flesh

    59 min

    You are there — in the days when the Word became flesh and dwelled among men. Follow the story from the Jordan ... MORE

  • Rr3 ca 158x219 821067331735

    Revelation Road 3: Black Rider


    The beleaguered mayor sends Josh McManus on a vital mission to find the mysterious and elusive "shepherd." MORE

  • Visittosepulcher cover 158x219 821071427831

    Visit to the Sepulcher

    28 min

    Featuring a talented cast of soloists and the choirmen of the Washington Cathedral, with costumes and props dra... MORE

  • Wish4christmas ca 158x219 821129283977

    Wish for Christmas


    When a high school senior learns from her parents that she will have to miss the town's winter dance to attend ... MORE

  • Miraclemaker ca 158x219 821012035897

    Miracle Maker


    Everyone is excited after receiving the news that the renowned “man of wonders” is coming to their village. Doe... MORE

  • Unfair ca 158x219 821066307903

    Unfair: Exposing the IRS


    A documentary shedding light on the certain damage the Income Tax and the IRS have wrought on liberties, busine... MORE

  • Bonobos ca 158x219 821071939578



    The critically important work by renowned naturalist Claudine Andre to save the endangered bonobo apes of the C... MORE

  • Testoftime1 cover 158x219 821070915786
    Icomoon tv Series

    Test of Time

    28 min

    Part 1 - Commitment - Debbe Santiago, once a homeless alcoholic and drug addict on Coney Island, is now a follo... MORE

  • Stumblingblocks1 cover 158x219 821070915826
    Icomoon tv Series

    Stumbling Blocks to Faith

    19 min

    Part 1 - Hypocrisy. Many who claim to believe in absolute truths do not practice what they preach. From the mo... MORE

  • Spirinparent1 cover 158x219 821073475703
    Icomoon tv Series

    Spirituality in Parenting

    33 min

    In Part 1 - Love, host Fr. Doug Lorig explores the relationship between parent and child. Children need safe, ... MORE

  • Catching faith 273x378 ca 158x219 821071427786

    Catching Faith


    When their son loses his spot on the football team, the Taylor Family questions what they thought was most impo... MORE

  • A cross to bear ca 158x219 821070403759

    A Cross to Bear


    This emotionally powerful story of tragedy, forgiveness, redemption and faith gives new meaning to the word fam... MORE

  • Solomon ca 158x219 821067843760

    The Solomon Bunch


    A group of elementary-school children in small-town Georgia form a special club with the goal of becoming as wi... MORE